Celebrate Godzilla’s Birthday with Daikaya Next Week

Celebrate Godzilla's Birthday with Daikaya Next Week
It's Godzilla's birthday next week.
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Source: PoPville

Daikaya is celebrating Godzilla’s birthday (which is November 3rd) next week with a week of Godzilla dishes and cocktails. The celebration starts Monday and lasts until Sunday, November 9. Chef Katsuya Fukushima has created a few birthday dishes for the monstrous beast, including Gozira Karaage with marinated alligator, “Bambi meets Godzilla Tsukune” made with grilled egg and pork meatballs, and “Godzilla’s Pretty Cool:” Snickers soft serve ice cream with pieces of snickers and Japanese whiskey set en flambe. For drinkers, beverage director Jamie MacBain has concocted three drinks: one with shochu, Cocchi Americano, and five spice bitters; one ...

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